Why EVERYTHING is an Opportunity

Jeff Bliss

February 1

Everything is any opportunity?  Are you serious? Everything?
Yes,  everything!
What about when terrible, tragic, or painful things happen?
Yes… even those are opportunities!
It’s a strong statement, I agree.
It’s also a belief that’s worth adopting.
Here’s why…

Beliefs are a funny thing,
It doesn’t really matter if your beliefs are true or false,
because if they’re your personal beliefs,
then then they are true for you.
Beliefs drive our actions,
and actions create results.

Write this down:
“Beliefs >> Actions >> Results”

Let’s use the example of
losing someone close to you.
IF you hold the belief that loss equals long term pain,
then you will experience long term pain.

If your belief was that loss equals an opportunity…
to stop an reflect on what’s really important in your life,
to reconnect with others,
to appreciate and express gratitude for having been blessed with the time you shared,
and the lessons learned,
If you choose to focus on being grateful, then you would experience the feelings of gratitude.

You can choose focus on what don;t have, or what you “lost”
or you can see to it as an opportunity to appreciate and to grow.
It’s always your choice.

Think about this….
How many other people on the planet were lucky enough to have spent time with that person?
Focus on gratitude, or focus on loss,
It’s always your choice.

What are your biggest problems, challenges, or fears?

Are they real?
What’s your belief about your situation?
Is your past or current situation truly the cause of your pain?
It would be,  “IF”…   that was your belief.

What if you chose to adopt a different belief?
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About the author 

Jeff Bliss

Author of the soon to be released book
"Yodas, Rhinos, and Heroes",
Mindset Expert, Speaker, Hypnotist, Trainer, and Entertainer

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