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Have you read the book “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins?
An excellent book and massive best seller.
Should you read it?    Yes and.
Ever since taking improv class, I developed a habit of answers most questions with “yes and.”   Yes, there is also an “and”.

Now that you’ve read it,  it’s time to graduate and move on to what I believe is the “1 word cure for procrastination!”


When you think of eating a lemon by itself, how do you feel?
Did your face just scrunch up?

When you think of the word “should” how do you feel?
Yup, I know.  Most people feel the same way. 

What about a lemon squeezed over seafood or on a salad? 
That’s different right?  That’s good! : )

It’s the same with the word “should”.  

Normally when we think of something we “should” do, 
we get that weighty uncomfortable feeling because we know 
we’ve been putting it off , procrastinating on the task or project.

By itself,  the word “should” tends to trigger a desire to escape, to avoid, to procrastinate.

About 10 months ago, July 1, 2019, I discovered something crazy amazing.  a single word that when combined with should, turns lemons into lemonade.   I now LOVE the word should and you’re about to!

Are you ready to experience Real-magic?

Do this.

Think of something you’ve been putting off. 
Example:  Writing a blog post, starting a business, making a call, cleaning out the garage, going to the gym, etc.

Just select “1” thing for the moment.

Say the following word aloud.

“I should __________________________________”
(fill in the blank with that task you’ve been putting off)

Say it again as a complete sentence.

“I should __________________________________”

Notice your self-talk and feelings.
Not so nice, I know. 

Finally, say it again, and then follow it 
with the 1 MindsetBliss Magic Word: 

 just remain silent for a moment and notice what happens.
Notice the natural self talk that happens in your head.

“I Should _______________________,  (the thing you’ve been putting off)

THEREFORE! _____________

Try it again.

“I Should … ________________.  

THEREFORE! _____________

What you just experienced is what I consider REAL-MAGIC!

You’ve just been given a magical key to transforming your life,
1 tiny task at a time.

Be sure to watch the short video posted above.

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and remember this, MindsetBliss.   

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1 thought on “The 1 Word CURE for PROCRASTINATION!”

  1. Great process… Everyone has that weight from “shoulding” on themselves… what we all need is a way to move from the Shoulds to the Finisheds.

    Love it.
    Beth Terry

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