The 1 Word Cure for Procrastination

Jeff Bliss

May 16

In the next 5 minutes
I'm going to transform your life from

ProCrastinator to ProActionator

Have you read the book “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins?
An excellent book and massive best seller.
Should you read it?  Yes and.

Ever since taking improv class, I developed a habit of answers most questions
with “yes and.”   Yes, there is also an “and”.   Life isn't always as simple as a yes or a no.

No cuts off,  and makes room for other yes's.   
Yes opens possibility.
"Yes, and" open the door to innovation, where the magic happens.

Whatever you believed, and thought you knew, there's always another level.
If you've open, of you're ready,
it’s time to graduate and move on to what I believe is

"The 1 word cure for procrastination!”


When you think about biting into a lemon by itself, how do you feel?
Does your face just scrunch up?

When you think of the word “should” how do you feel?
A little weighed down by just the thought?
Yup, I know. Most people feel the same way.

What about a lemon squeezed over seafood or on a salad?
That’s different right? That’s good! : )

It’s the same with the word “should”.

Normally when we think of something we “should” do,
we get that weighty uncomfortable feeling because we know
we’ve been putting it off , procrastinating on the task or project.

By itself, the word “should” tends to trigger a desire to escape, to avoid, to procrastinate.

About 10 months ago, July 1, 2019, I discovered something crazy amazing. a single word that when combined with should, turns lemons into lemonade.
A single word that transforms "should do's" into I now "will do's"
As crazy as it should, I now LOVE the word should
and you’re about to!

Are you ready to experience Real-magic?

Do this.

Think of something you’ve been putting off.
Example: Writing a blog post, starting a business, making a call, cleaning out the garage,
going to the gym, etc.

For the moment, just select only “1” thing you feel you "should do"

Say the following out loud:

“I should __________________________________”
(fill in the blank with the task or project you’ve been putting off)

Say it again as a complete sentence.

“I should __________________________________”

As you said it,  be aware of your self-talk and feelings.
What conversation happens in your mind?
What are you saying to yourself?
For most, the words are not so nice.

Finally, say it again, and then follow it
with the 1 MindsetBliss Magic Word:

just remain silent for a moment and notice what happens.
Notice the natural self talk that happens in your head.

“I Should _______________________, (the thing you’ve been putting off)

THEREFORE! _____________

Try it again.

“I Should … ________________.

THEREFORE! _____________

What you just experienced is what I consider REAL-MAGIC!

You’ve just been given a magical key to transforming your life,
1 tiny task at a time.

Be sure to watch the short video posted above.

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and remember this, MindsetBliss.


About the author 

Jeff Bliss

Author of the soon to be released book
"Yodas, Rhinos, and Heroes",
Mindset Expert, Speaker, Hypnotist, Trainer, and Entertainer

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