Room Configuration

Room configuration for Jeff's Hypnosis Show
Example Venue:
This is from a small-ish venue (Approximately 50 guests attending) 


Volunteer chairs 
(armless) are placed side by side. (could be a couch)

Narrow (~ 2 ft wide) gap
between the chairs and the back wall,
allowing Jeff better access to volunteers.

Bose speaker tower.
(L1 compact) can be seen just behind the back
left edge of the table. Speaker easily fills a room up to 150 guests.

Mic stand
is about 6′ out from the volunteers.
(Almost invisible in the photo. you can see it,
when looking at the gentleman's L-hand,
3rd person from the left)

Props Table: 
4x2 (minimum) covered, and normally placed to the left side
of the volunteers. Table used for ipad, sound mixer, and props.

flooring (or an area rug) is ideal to prevent slipping,
and sometimes becomes the perfect
napping spot for a lucky volunteer. ; )

Jeff typically brings:
Speaker system, mics, and table for local events.