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5 star reviews for Jeff Bliss Hypnotist in Tempe, AZ
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Hypnotherapy & Mindset-Coaching Reviews

"I contacted Jeff Bliss to help my daughter overcome an issue she has been dealing with for 15 years. We have been to every type of professional and specialist there is in the past. No one was ever able to help her.  After two sessions with Jeff she is free of this problem. He is a miracle worker. He is kind, caring, sensitive, and made her feel comfortable with him immediately. I highly recommend him. He changed my daughter's life in just a few hours."

Beth T.
Castaic, CA

"I didn't know what to expect.  I've been to a hypnotist before and didn't experience anything close to what I experienced with Jeff today!  It was amazing and I was able to relax and reach a state that I've never been able to reach before. I've felt more peace, excitement, and joy since our session and I highly recommend his services to anyone. Truly a life changer and I'm excited to go back and have more sessions with him. Thank you Jeff!"

Dr. Steven
Tempe, AZ

"Jeff was amazing.... he helped me and my son so much in just one session! What he did for me in one session is what my therapist did in over a years time!! I was experiencing a lot of panic attacks, after one session they have been little to none at all! I'm super pleased and overall AMAZED !"

Michele A.
Valencia, CA

"I'm so excited to share my experience with everyone.  For the past 8 years, I've had the worse burning sensation in my toes.  I've lived with this pain, suffered through the night with this pain for many, many years.  I met Jeff about a year ago, and I mentioned my feet to him. It took me several months to get the courage to have a session with Jeff. Wow - within 30 minutes of my session the burning feeling had left me.  I slept through the night and continuing to sleep through the night.

If you have anything that is bothering you, please trust me and call Jeff.  I have never had any experience with a Hypnotist until Jeff entered my life (this was a blessing for me).  I highly recommend Jeff!!!"

Wanda B.
Tempe, AZ

"I had an overwhelming fear of elevators for over 10 years. After one short session with Jeff Bliss, my 10 year anxieties and fears have vanished! I am now taking elevators with ease. Thank you!!"

Korrina Onstad
Phoenix, AZ

"My life has been changed thanks to Jeff. I have dealt with un-cureable chronic pain from a lower fused back. I have tried it all and learned to live with it. Almost 13 years i have walked like frankenstein, struggled to balance the few hours a day of play before pain forces me to lay down. It was hard to be positive, hard to be truly happy. 20 minutes with Jeff and my chronic pain is gone! I don't know how to truly describe it, I lived my whole 20's feeling 80 years old and now i feel my age. My brain isnt feeling the constant throb in my lower back, hips or nerve ending pains. I struggle with creativity because of the pain. I was standing straight, walking normal and just felt light and coordinated. I am standing on my feet correctly and my whole body feels back on balance. I can't stop crying, smiling and just being amazed. I have done a full work shift and didn't need to take time take a single laying down break. I find my mind open and focused now.  Continually of habit, looking for pain and is not there. I look forward to my brain moving on and using is energy for other things than pain management. My life is forever changed and I am so grateful to move forward with life and live it more fully again!"

Milly Wallace
San Diego, CA

“Wow, that's about the best words I can use ... Wow.. Jeff is an amazing guy with a talent to make anyone smile and see the positivity in things. After my short session with him 2 days ago , he helped me turn off the pain .. My pains went from my main focus to the last thing on my mind. I've been sleeping better the last few nights now, and feel a lot lighter. Like a burden has been lifted off me. I'm able to enjoy things a little better since my mind is focused on the positive of healing.  If your thinking about doing it, and you have a positive mind set and are open, it is well worth your time and money. Nothing to lose but the pain in my case, and it worked.  Thanks again Jeff”

Billy Purden
Draper, SLC, UT

"I first saw Jeff at a show and was so impressed with the demonstrations there that I immediately knew I wanted to contact him to see if his talents could assist me with better coping with years of anxiety and insomnia issues.

I had sought treatment before through psychotherapy and medication management with little success and many side effects from the medications.

After three sessions with Jeff, I had DRAMATIC relief from the anxiety and insomnia I had dealt with for so many years. I was happy that I received exactly what I went to him for. But what was over-the-top amazing was the domino effect of positive health benefits that came instantly, that I was in no way expecting!

The day after the very first session, I not only woke up without an alarm that morning (at 4:30am!), I popped out of bed feeling better rested than I think I ever have. I felt so great that morning, I decided I would get myself to the gym for an hour before heading off to work for the day. I did not try to have such a perfect morning, it just happened! And it felt so good!

Effortlessly, the same thing happened the next morning, and the next, and the next...regardless of how many hours of sleep I got the night before, I would, and I continue, to pop out of bed at 4:30! I feel great and not only get myself to the gym each morning, but I have gotten my daughters into the habit of tagging along with me.

Mornings have become our favorite time of the day, and the quality of our days has improved so much, because they start out so amazing!!!

I am impressed and so grateful that Jeff was able to use his skills to assist me in turning these struggles around. But I am most impressed with the "side effects" of his sessions...the amazing gift of waking up so excited to start my days, and the way that waking up daily in this state has been continuing to make improvements in every area of my life!"

Mesa, AZ

"I came to jeff feeling like it was my last bit of hope. I felt desperate, grasping at any and all alternatives for a cure. After many of other classes, programs, people, trying to do hypnosis and failing, and even counseling sessions where I have been told "I don't think I can help you"  I was feeling hopeless however desperate for change. After a long 10 years of this struggle I came to jeff with the mind set of... well even if I only get the smallest out of it, it's more than what I've got now! Jeff by far surpassed my expectations. After 2 sessions with jeff, I let go of my bad habit that has been destroying my life for years. 1 session with jeff was more beneficial than all the years I have done combined with any other treatment options out there! Now I feel like I can leave old habits in the dust and move forward to the life I have truly Always wanted."

Thank you Jeff!

Carol C.
Mesa, AZ

Jeff did a hypnotherapy session with my daughter to deal with a few issues. He spent more than two hours working with her. She enjoyed the session so much, and he was able to help her acquire new tools for handling stress. Since the session, almost a month ago, I have seen remarkable improvements in her attitude and behavior. There have been several positive outcomes of his session with her, and she excitedly shares the story of working with a hypnotist with her friends and family. Couldn't be happier with the session and with the results. Thank you Jeff!

Mandy Kalish
Phoenix, AZ

"Jeff is amazing. He completely changed the way I think about and remember past events, and helped me begin on the path to healing deep emotional wounds and difficult memories. I cant wait to do more work with him."

Sarah B.
Salt Lake City, UT

If you love yourself and/or a loved one in need...
which is our case...  go see Jeff!

My wife of 46 years had Uterine Cancer treated with hysterectomy & Chemo...which resulted in massive weight loss...she's currently 82 pounds...has been in and out of the hospital 5x this year (2016) with pneumonia and even a blood clot...had all her real teeth removed and  replaced... has COPD and on oxygen 24/7... and still needs a sinus cavity drain procedure... to say shes been up against it is an understatement.

I've found western medicine can only go so far...antibiotics aren't even working well anymore.

"Seek and ye shall find"...I was seeking a different path for my soul mate and I found Jeff... he is very gifted, empathetic and kind... and a master at his craft. Now...
be a skeptic, but don't be cheap or stupid to save a nickel... I'm from Jersey so bank on me being a skeptic...after the session with my, I'm a believer. The power of the subconscious is limitless. That said... money is simply a means of investment in excellence and we found excellence in Jeff in many ways.

I highly regard and recommend Jeff Bliss...
try him once with an open mind, you'll be impressed!

Steve Climber
Glendale, Phoenix, AZ

"A 5 star man"

Jeff made a believer out of me!  He worked a miracle. He's a true master at his art. He skillfully put me into a state I thought I could only achieve with medication or a bottle of wine. He truly is remarkable!  Thanks Jeff , I now feel incredibly calm and sane."

Phyllis A.
Tempe, AZ

My first encounter with Jeff was so fun. He's very upbeat and personable.
I've been doing different therapies and counseling for many years but, I couldn't believe how much he helped me in only one session. He is an angel and a blessing that I've been in dire need of!

He was born to help people and is so selfless. I feel very fortunate that I was able to meet him.

Alissa S.
Orem, UT

"Feeling a lot of anger and pain from past events in my life, I reached out for help to a facebook hypnosis group.  A few people replied, but  there was just something naturally caring about Jeff.  I can't lie, I was a little bit skeptical and nervous talking to a stranger about my past.

Jeff was very open and concerned.  We spoke via Skype and he took time to answer all of my questions. We then got down to my real issues, Jeff walked me through processes to neutralize the old emotional triggers and then helped me to anchor new positive happy emotions and linked them to tapping on my own shoulder.

I felt immediate relief from a 20 year old issue!  It was amazing!    Jeff told me that I would still be able to recall what happened in the past, but that it would never again trouble me.

3 days later, I had to review my notes to even remember what it was that had previously bothered me.  I’m so glad I found Jeff on facebook that day.  I made a new friend and resolved a long term issue.  Thank you again Jeff!"

Dennis Aldridge

"Feeling sad and heartbroken from a recent break up..
I wanted the hurting to end.  I wanted to be free from the anxiety controlling my thoughts. I knew I needed to do something about it fast and wondered if being hypnotized could help me."

"I found Jeff on Youtube  and sent him a message about what's troubling me. He replied with some advice and, although a bit challenging because of the time zone difference (I'm in Asia, and Jeff is in the US). We spoke on skype."

"Before getting to my current problem,  he said he wanted to find the root-problem and trauma from my childhood that was causing my phobia regarding rejections. We did an exercise where I visualized a scene from the past."

"I don't know what happened but he was able to remove the hate and pain. I then felt safe and relieved. I can still see the scene in my mind but the painful feelings are gone!  I'm now a Believer!"

And the day after....  The pain is still gone!
You are Amazing!  Thank you Jeff!"

Pinky Manual,
Manila, Philippines

"I reached out to Jeff via Skype about feeling stressed about an upcoming training that I will be attending in February.

Jeff coached me through a breathing and visualizing exercise session which has me feeling relaxed and confident with the upcoming training. I have also been using this technique as a way to relax. I look forward to some more SKYPE sessions.
Thank you Jeff,  Great job!"

John Henry Lopez,
San Diego, CA

"Hi Jeff,    I just have to share this with you... This morning I woke up with lots of pain in my right hand ring finger. I get that every now and then when I'm in Vancouver. Anyhow, putting pressure on the joint didn't make it go away.

And then I remembered you saying "As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow..."
Well, I did that... and visualized a pain dial that went from 10 down to 0.
PAIN ALL GONE!!!   and that was hours ago!

Thank You!"

CS Ling,
Vancouver, BC

"Jeff has a peacefulness about him that allows you to immediately feel safe with surrendering and turning inward. I had a wonderful experience."

Kimberlee Wells,
Salt Lake City,  UT

"We went to Jeff seeking help for a mental block my 12 yr old daughter could not seem to get past.  My daughter is a softball pitcher and after getting hit by 2 line drives in the past 9 months, she developed a mental block which kept her from throwing strikes to batters.  No matter how awesome her warm up was, she would get on the mound and throw ball after ball, just outside the batters reach.  After 1 two hr session with Jeff... we are thrilled that she is back to throwing pitches!!  It was truly amazing to watch the whole process unfold... from her 1st conversation with Jeff to her standing on the mound and throwing strikes for the 1st time in 6 months.  We are sooooo Grateful to Jeff.  

Jessica Leitgen
Phoenix, AZ

"I saw Jeff last week for 2 hours and the results have been transformative!  This man is a genius, and probably the best listener I have ever interacted with.  He made you feel comfortable and used his skill/talent to focus on my issues.  I highly recommend him.  He exceeded my expectations in ever way."

Ilene S.
Tempe, AZ

5 star reviews for Jeff Bliss Hypnotist in Tempe, AZ

Presentation & Event Reviews

hyatt-logo “Jeff was a guest speaker and shared his gift with us at our recent Publix Associate event.  He kicked off our meeting with a motivational speech and positive vibes.  Jeff also demonstrated the power of hypnosis with some of our associates.  … 4 of our associate volunteers could not open their eyes… no matter how hard they tried! …fun and intriguing.  We also enjoyed the group table demonstrations during our luncheon, very entertaining. Thank you for your time with us. We highly recommend you for company events and meetings.” Thanks again,

Vanessa W. 
Customer Service Team Leader,
Publix Supermarkets,  Daytona, FL


     Logo of the Meditation Learning Center in Mesa, AZ
   “..From magic to educationeveryone was blown away!
    Thank You Jeff!”

     Shane Williams
     Meditation Learning Center
     Mesa, AZ 


Basis Mesa School Logo  “Jeff was absolutely wonderful! He came into my AP psychology class to do a presentation that was a mix between education and entertainment– he provided the perfect balance! The kids, other faculty members, and myself all loved the presentation he gave. Jeff was able to make sure all students felt included in the fun and made sure everyone had a great time. Having him as a guest to my classroom benefited them way more than any kind of lecture or assignment I could have given them. My students said they had a great time and that they learned some really cool stuff. And I could swear I’ve seen some attitude/behavior/work ethic improvements since he was here!!”

Kirsten Holz
Psychology Teacher
Basis Mesa Charter School
Mesa, AZ


collegewise corporate logo
“Your show…  was truly truly remarkable! Eye-opening! Funny!  Crazy!
The things that people did was nuts! It was also incredibly clean and funny!
Thank you!”

Paul Kanarek
CEO Collegewise 

Mont Harmon School Logo

 “Jeff was very entertaining and taught the students valuable lessons  about self  worth and making positive choices. He had all 700 of our students eating out of his hand!  He was extremely willing to accommodate our needs and went above and beyond talking to students and faculty after the assemblies. I have had more positive feedback on Jeff’s assemblies than I have on ANY other assembly.  Jeff is full of energy, kind, and oh so fun to listen to!
I HIGHLY recommend him!“

Renee Banasky
Mont Harmon Middle School
Price, UT


“Jeff did a professional development training with our staff at our schools and everyone not only had a great time, but faced some inner fears and overcame them right on the spot.  It was a great presentation and I’d recommend it to anyone…  funny, lively, and engaging.  …everyone left uplifted… Jeff was not in this for the money, we really felt he wanted to help, he stuck around after and helped 1 on 1 with some staff,  he went above and beyond.”

Jared Cook
School Owner 
Raising Arizona
Phoenix, AZ

   “From the moment I got in touch with Jeff I knew I had the right guy for my event. He delivered above and beyond what was promised and would be a welcome addition to any upcoming event we host. You will not be disappointed. He left the crowd of the stage show laughing and participating beyond their control and amazed our crowd with his close-up and personal real-magic. Thank you Jeff for being part of the 25th Annual Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase!”

Chris Bertone
Rim County Regional Chamber of Commerce
Payson, AZ



Logo of
“Jeff put on an amazing show for our annual office Christmas party. It went better than we could have ever hoped and everyone is still buzzing about it! Nothing like seeing your CEO become convinced his bellybutton has been stolen to put everyone in high spirits. Everyone (participants and audience) thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I can honestly say it was by far the best office party we’ve ever had. In addition to putting on an incredible show, Jeff was extremely helpful and professional both before and after the show. He worked with us to tailor the performance to our event and our group and even worked in an inside joke. Thanks, Jeff, for making it so great!”

Amy Long , Chandler, Arizona


Arizona State University Logo   “I booked Jeff for two of my events on Arizona State’s Tempe campus, and both times he blew the event out of the water!! He kept people entertained the whole event (4 hrs) and constantly had a line forming, even when the event was over! Even at events that he’s not at, my organization is asking where is he or what event he’ll be at next! Jeff Bliss is ASU’s official hypnotist!!

Tyler Richey,
Event Coordinator, Programming and Activities Board,
ASU, Tempe, AZ


KW Keller Williams Biltmore Partners Logo   “We were holding the first awards ceremony for our 70+ salespeople and wanted to create a company bonding type event.  Jeff Bliss the Master Hypnotist was our mindset entertainment and we were so pleased with all of it! It truly was a way to get all involved and have a lot of fun in the process. First, setting the event up was easy and Jeff was very responsive which caused an easy feeling about his booking. Second, he confirmed our event several times and asked what types of thoughts we were most interested in highlighting during the show. Third, Jeff stayed for our reception afterwards and mingled with our salespeople to share additional fun techniques. Many times our team will show up for an event and leave quickly. There was so much fun being had, most stayed long after their normal departure. You will enjoy this experience and I highly recommend Jeff for your next event!

Denise Meyer KW Broker

Denise Meyer
Keller Williams Realty
Biltmore Partners
Scottsdale, AZ


Guild Mortgage Logo
“Jeff was amazing!
We had an event last night and everybody loved him!
Great magician
and kept the audience entertained all night!”

Lizy Hoeffer Team
Guild Mortgage, Phoenix, Arizona


Logo of JK Reality
“Jeff was the entertainment for our office Christmas party and delivered in an epic way. The experience was amazing!  Everyone at the party, about 200 of us, had an exceptional time! Not gonna lie, I was skeptical about hypnotism but now I know that it does indeed work! Jeff made our party the talk of the organization… we all had so much fun! And no worries, he didn’t make us do anything we regret or make us look like idiots! It was truly a blast. Thank you Jeff!”

Kala Laos
Co-Owner JK Realty, Gilbert, AZ


Logo of Fox Valley Electric in Phoenix   

“Jeff was fantastic! Everyone loved his show.

Very professional yet very entertaining ! Everyone was laughing and laughing. Jeff went out of his way to make sure the event went better than expected and was willing to adjust and conform to however things went. It worked way better than I could have imagined. Definitely recommended !”

Randy Cole
CEO Fox Valley Electric
Phoenix, AZ


Alpha Phi Sorority Logo
“Our sorority, Arizona State University Alpha Phi, hired Jeff to do a show at the Tempe Improv Club. Jeff far surpassed all of our expectations and it was such an excellent show! We were all amazed and hysterical with his performance. Leading up to the event, Jeff was nothing but professional, helpful, and thorough in preparation to the show. He went out of his way to make sure that the event exceeded our expectations and was willing to adjust anything to make sure we were completely satisfied. Our entire sorority was thoroughly entertained and jaws were dropping across the room! We would definitely hire Jeff again and loved working with him!”

Courtney Wessel
ASU Alpha Phi Sorority
Tempe, AZ


Lake Havasu RV Resort Logo
“Jeff gave an amazing performance and really impressed our group! … an extremely entertaining and fun filled evening. I think that there were quite a number of people in attendance upon arriving that did not believe in hypnotism until after Jeff’s show.  Jeff is extremely upbeat and reads his audience very well. We will definitely have Jeff back. He will be the talk of our resort for quite some time!”

Karen Owen
Lake Havasu RV Resort
Havasu City, AZ


“Jeff has a special gift.”

We hired Jeff for our Halloween party where we had approximately 30 friends and family with age ranges from 0 – 84.  Jeff was absolutely fascinating. Jeff and I had 2 conversations leading up to the event and he was very patient in listening to what I had in mind as well as making suggestions that would work with our group. All of my guests were thoroughly entertained, he turned some skeptics into believers, made some jaws drop and even entertained our other entertainers. He was a true professional and we would definitely hire him again. Next time, I’m sitting in the other chairs!”

Karen Bollong
Mesa /Phoenix, AZ



“Jeff was such a pleasure to work with from start to finish. When he agreed to volunteer his time and talent at our event, we were so grateful. To then go above and beyond at the event and blow all the guests away was really the icing on the cake. Jeff is the real deal and not to mention a genuinely nice person and wonderful to work with.  If anyone is ever looking to hire a hypnotist or hire someone for a good time, Jeff is your man!

Mallory Morse,
Event Sales Manager
Hyatt Regency Resort, Scottsdale, AZ


Christmas Party
“Jeff was awesome and would highly recommend him to everyone. I can’t wait to have him again sometime . He was easy to work with very accommodating. I think he is awesome.”

Cathy Johnson,
Logan, UT


“Jeff entertained our group with his own unique blend of fun and fascination. His love and enthusiasm for his craft shines through every word and gesture.  His ability to make his volunteers feel safe and respected, while connecting with his audience was amazing.”

Douglas Perras. Canada
Private Event


“I have always been a skeptic when it came to hypnosis! Just let me tell you, I’m now a believer.  Jeff came to our private party and his show was unreal!  There was not a dry eye in the audience because of all of the tears of laughter. He was so funny and energetic. He got the whole crowd involved and made a believer out of not only me, but everyone that attended!  His show was by far the best thing I have ever seen!  I highly recommend you booking him for your next event!  You will NOT be disappointed! Thank you Jeff for making our party one to remember!!!

Brette Goddard,
Holladay, SLC, UT


 Alliance High School Nebraska Bulldogs logo     Jeff was Fantastic!  From the first time I contacted Jeff showed such professionalism I knew we had a winner!  He is amazing to work with and when we finally got to meet him, he came prepared to entertain our kids! He explained his act and also asked for input to make his show a hit with the kids. I would recommend Jeff for any show that would entertain a PAC center full of teenagers.  Our After Prom was a great success and Jeff helped make that happen. Thanks Jeff you were amazing!!!”

Susie Harden,  After-Prom Committee
Alliance High School, NE


Brighton High School Utah Logo     “Jeff did a fabulous show for our graduating class. He captured the audiences attention and held it for the duration of the show. The seniors were dying over the things he did, yet it was always appropriate and in good fun. We would highly recommend him.”

Krista El-Bakri, Grad-Night
Brighton High School,  Sandy, Utah


“Jeff was extremely easy to set up the party with, he talked me through all the steps and overall made the set up easy. Very professional, funny, and well trained. He was often referred to as “spectacular” after the show. I would recommend Jeff for any party of any size.”

Ian Vanleeuwen
High School, LDS Church Event
Sandy, UT.


Everyone absolutely loved Jeff the hypnotist! It was a great after-dance activity for high school age teenagers”

Kim Kehl
Midvale, UT


Wasatch Academy Utah logo
VERY entertaining!   I loved that he was so open to about how it all works! So MUCH FUN!   My Son said it was the best entertainment he had seen in years!”

Holly Hooper,
Wasatch Academy, UT


“I’m not sure what was more amazing, the experience or watching it happen!!!
Thank you jeff!!”

Lacy Rico,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(Video: hypnotized at “Walk-ons Bar and Grill” )


“We were able to get Jeff Bliss for our New Years party this year and he delivered!   Everyone young and old were amazed with how he kept the crowd laughing.
 It’s going to be a tradition!”

Mike Deushane,
Mapleton, UT


5 star reviews for Jeff Bliss Hypnotist in Tempe, AZ

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