Quit Smoking in One Session!

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Success Guaranteed.

If you're reading this now,
I imagine you've tried to stop without success.
You've likely tried the patches, gum, willpower, and wondering...

How are you ever going to get past this.  
Although you've tried many things, there is something I know 
you haven't yet tried:  
The Mindset Bliss Breath Easy Protocol

You can break free.
You can become a non-smoker.
One session and you're done.
No craving, No withdrawal, No kidding.
Can you imagine that?

Repeat after me:

"I am worthy of clean air", 

"I am deserve clean air",

"I am worthy of a healthy mind and body".  

"I deserve to be happy and free"

"I've spent so much money on therapists.  So much time in therapy.  And I still could not stop smoking or taking my antidepressants.  I owe Jeff so much!!  I was a major chain smoker.  Jeff made me a non smoker in one session.  I am still in shock I haven't picked up a cigarette and it's been a few weeks now." 


From: Failure

  • Dodo -Thinking
  • Sickness
  • Self Discipline
  • Gum & Patches
  • Slavery
  • Lost 
  • Poison
  • Flushing Cash
  • Failing
  • Smelling Bad
  • Self-Shame 
  • Guilt
  • Victim
  • Hostage

To: Success

  • Yoda -Thinking
  • Health
  • Self Respect
  • Bliss Protocol 
  • Freedom
  • Clarity
  • Power
  • Investing in You
  • Graduation Day
  • Downy Fresh
  • Self-Esteem 
  • Pride
  • Victor
  • Hero

Meet Efren.  

He graduated.
He became a non-smoker.
He became a free man. 

Quit Smoking - FAQ's:


Yes!  If...  you're ready to graduate, to become a non-smoker now.
you will be successful! Guaranteed.

How is Your Mindset Bliss Protocol different?

Regardless of whether you currently believe smoking is an addiction or a habit,  I think you'd agree, there's a lot going on.  Things like gum and patches keep you locked into the nicotine, the exact thing you want to say goodbye to.  Here, we approach it with both subconscious re-wiring, & neurological re-patterning. In other words,  we flip the switch to turn off the craving  just like when you flip a breaker switch off in your house.
Bottom line, you're going to FEEL it!

Price / How much?

Price, is the best part.  
Your actual cost to "stop smoking" is less than $0.

Initially, you will simply be reallocating the money you're currently wasting
You'll shift from
wasting your hard earned cash,  to investing it in something
with huge value, that something, that someone is You!

The math:


you're currently smoking a pack a day...
$8.00 a pack x 30 days = $240 a month
x 12 months = $2,880 a year,
x 10 years = $28,000.00.  "Twenty Eight Thousand Dollars". flushed.

It's time to graduate. Yes, you're worth it!

What's next?

Whether you've already decided 100% and ready to graduate
or if you still have questions,  let's chat by phone or zoom.
Click the button below to "Schedule a Consult / Inquiry Call.
The call is free, no pressure, 100% complementary. 

If you're committed to breaking free. 
If you're ready to graduate.
If you're ready become a non-smoker. 

We're going to make it happen!  
I care and I'm here to help. 

Get set, your life's about to change.

- Jeff Bliss