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Ask Jeff

Break Free from PTSD 

"PTSD" aka "Past Trauma" aka "Poo from the past"

Kitchen Analogy:
Imagine your kitchen is a mess with dirty pots & dishes everywhere.

You may understandable be feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

Your counselor begin asking you do describe each dirty dish, 
how did it get that way?  What's that red mark from?   
What stuck on the pot?
And this dish?  and that dish?  

And weeks later, after multiple sessions,
talking again and again about your issues,
you finally get some insight,
and just maybe a small breakthrough,
before continuing try to resolve
your past trauma. 

Now imagine your here with me,  Jeff Bliss,
it's the end of your 1st session,
you turn to look back at your kitchen,  

your jaw drops,
your eyes beam in a state of awe!
Where did your pain go?
Your kitchen is now sparkling clean, your mind and body feel light and free,
because You are free, finally free, 
happy, glowing.   
PTSD gone!  
It's gone, all gone. : ))

Jeff Bliss Protocol.
Break Free Guarantee
For all the right reasons.