From PTSD to PTS-Free!

"I have tried many many avenues for years to get better with PTSD while some worked momentarily. Jeff's talents with hypnotherapy has removed one my biggest roots in only ONE session. I am deeply grateful!!!! I can focus now and want to accomplish tasks. I am so grateful to have him in my life. He is very in tune with his craft and knows how to get real results. He loves to help and you matter to him. He is a special man with a big heart. I recommend him any day.    - Sophie

PTSD (Past Trauma) aka "Poo from the past"

Traditional therapy vs "the Bliss Method for rapid change".

Kitchen Analogy:
Imagine your kitchen is a total mess with dirty pots & dishes stacked high

Just thinking about your kitchen likely has you feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

Your counselor begin asking you do describe each dirty dish, one by one.
Asking... "how did it get that way?"  "What's that red mark from?'
'What stuck on the pot?"
"And this dish?  ...and that other dish? "

after months and multiple sessions,
talking again and again about your dirty dishes (your issues)
you finally get some insight,
and just maybe a have small breakthrough,
before continuing to slow process of working to resolve
your mess. (past traumas)

Now imagine you're here with me,  Jeff Bliss,
it's the end of your very first session,
you turn to look back at your kitchen,  

your jaw drops along with a tear of joy.
What???!!!!   All those years of emotional pain, where has it gone?!

Where did the grime and hurt go?
Your kitchen is now sparkling clean, your mind and body feel light and free,
because You are free, finally free, 
happy, glowing.  
PTSD gone!  
It's gone, all gone. : ))

Jeff Bliss Method and Protocols.
Break Free Guarantee
For all the right reasons.

"I contacted Jeff to help me with an issue i had been carrying around for too long. After a quick chat he was able to hypnotized me and take me through one of his hypnotherapy sessions. What I loved about his technique was that I didn't have to talk about the issue, we gave it a name so he could refer to it. I did visualize the issue during the session. He kept checking in with me and asked on a scale of 1 to 10 where my reaction to the issue was, each time it got less and less and now I have no reaction to it at all! I'm stoked!!! Super Stoked!!!
I have never used therapy or been hypnotized before, it is amazing how such a simple technique can have a massive impact! I highly recommend Jeff, he has great skills and is totally professional. I felt at ease during the whole process.