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We hate spam as much as you do,and therefore are keep your email in-house / private.Never sold, never shared.If you’re here on this website, it means that you care about you,and are striving to be the best version of yourself.Our goal is simple to assist you with our common goals.More joy, more happiness, more learning, growing, and sharing.In short… more Mindset Bliss!When you email us, we will either, 1. Reply to you if you’re nice or2. Delete your email if you’re not nice, or3. Ignore your email if you’re marketing yourself orsomething we’re not interested in.

If or When you… schedule a consult, schedule a communicationbook a session, purchase a product, or service,download a free resource from our site,or otherwise “opt-in” in any way,we may add you to our email list.

Group emails are only sent when they offer value.ALL group (list) emails are sent via an trustworthy email service. Currently (as of April 2020) we use Convertkit.Group emails will always have a “click to unsubscribe” at the bottom in easy to read text.

Cookies?  Cookie Monster?Yes, the internet has a sweet tooth, and likes to know where you go.This website likes cookies as well. (Although not a huge fan of milk).Ever notice when you search for something online, then notice thatsame something magically appearing in ads while scrolling facebook?Amazing right!  Cookies don’t just taste good, they’re magical! : )If you prefer not to accumulate cookies, and don’t like the feelingof tossing your cookies, do this…Click the menu on your browser (Chrome, Safari, etc) and select Clear browsing history and cookies.

In closing,  we care and only seek to share with people like us.To you, your achieving more joy, more happiness, andmore Mindset Bliss!

– Jeff

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We hate SPAM as much as you do, and promise to keep your email address safe.
Privacy Policy