Mindset Presentations with a Twist

leaders and their teams
may have skills and strategies,

and likely know
“what to do” 

that affects how consistently they
“do what they know”.


Yodas, Rhinos, and Heroes™️
“Mindset Twists for Success in Life and Business”

Relax Attack!™ 
“De-press Your stress, Crank up the calm-ness”

Leadership When No One’s Looking™️
“Your Mindset Re-imagined”

“Jeff did a professional development training with our staff at our schools and everyone not only had a great time, but faced some inner fears and overcame them right on the spot.  It was a great presentation and I’d recommend it to anyone…  funny, lively, and engaging.  …everyone left uplifted… we really felt he wanted to help, he stuck around after and helped 1 on 1 with some staff,  he went above and beyond.”

Jared Cook
School Owner 
Raising Arizona

Jeff Bliss Client logos

Mindset Presentations…

Artfully blend Motivation, Education, and Inspiration

with a Twist of Mind-Bending Entertainment  
(Mentalism, Real-magic, Hypnosis)

The Result:

leaders and teams...

Happier, calmer, more creative, and more productive.

Bottom line: ROI
Can you imagine that?


Not yet sure of which presentation to choose?
Jeff can create a customized combo

based on your specific event needs, requests,
available time-slot, budget, theme, and objectives.

Interactive Presentations guaranteed to
Educate, Motivate, Uplift and Inspire, while Entertaining your audience.


Your attendees will See, Hear, and Feel the Message.

Fascinating & Entertaining Mind-blowing Fun.
Jeff’s Presentations uniquely blends REAL-Magic, Mentalism,
and Hypnosis with transformational take-home messages. 

Remarkable and memorable experience
for you and your team

Jeff was a guest speaker and shared his gift with us at our recent Publix Associate event.  He kicked off our meeting with a motivational speech and positive vibes.  Jeff also demonstrated the power of hypnosis with some of our associates.  … 4 of our associate volunteers could not open their eyes… no matter how hard they tried! …fun and intriguing.  Very entertaining. Thank you for your time with us.
We highly recommend you for company events and meetings.” Thanks again,

Vanessa W. 
Customer Service Team Leader,
Publix Supermarkets,  Daytona, FL

Topics / Presentations

Yodas, Rhinos, and Heroes™️ 
"Think like Yoda, Go Like a Rhino, Achieve like a Hero"

Learning Objectives

  • How to find your inner Yoda and transform your should-do’s into will-do’s
  • How to use “thought editing” to rewire your brain for positivity and drive
  • How to blast through your mental blocks “like a rhino on a mission”
  • How to use mental constructs to create real-magic and ROI
  • How to program the mind like a GPS for Heroic Results

Relax Attack!™️ 
“De-press Your stress, Crank up the calm-ness” 

Learning Objectives:

  • How to short circuit the stress response in less than 60 seconds
  • How to overcome overwhelm and shift into overdrive
  • How to anchor, and then trigger calm states
  • Learn a simple trick to to quiet your monkey mind.
  • How to Sleep better… tonight!
  • How to re-focus, re-imagine, and re-set your mindset
  • How to create energy out of thin air
  • How to move an object with your mind.  Yes Really! : )

A great fit for your event?