Personal Mindset Coaching

With Jeff's Mindset Coaching Protocols
You will...

Learn about the “whys” that drives you.
Define and set goals that will inspire you.
Uncover your current beliefs and how they affect you.
Create your rules and begin playing your game to win.

10x Results

Is what happens when you combine the skills
of a Mindset-Coach with the Mental Reprogramming
skills of a Master Hypnotist.

With Jeff as your coach, you’ll also…

Let go of past traumas
Unlock your mental blocks,
Reprogram your subconscious
Set your mind free of past programming
Create new subconscious programs to automatically
Learn to easily trigger a flow-state,
Set your mental GPS to where you’re destined to go.
Define the 20% that create 80% of your results
Be held accountable for doing what needs to be done
Surprise yourself

There’s a good reason why top performers in every area take advantage
of having a coach, whether it’s a life Coach, Performance Coach, Strategic
Coach, or the rare “Hypnotic Mind-set Coach”.

I’m willing to bet you’ve been there.

you’re having a great day, in a blink of an eye, you felt deflated, sad, angry, or anxious,

Why / How does that happen?

Just like hearing an old song, or a smell can bring back a happy memory,
the same type triggers can bring back a feeling.

What we do is NOT logical,
It’s Neurological.

As a Mind-set coach, and a Hypnotist, the subconscious mind is my domain.
And if you’re open? If you’re ready for change…
together, like a coach and a gold medalist athlete (that’s you), we’ll make it happen.

The 1st step is EASY, and 100% FREE

Contact me now via phone, email, or skype.
We’ll chat, and if we’re both comfortable, we’ll soon be working together.

What is it that separates those who are stuck from those who are free?

You guessed it! It’s Mental! It’s Mindset!

True Issue or a Symptom?

Your current challenge or issue is most likely just a symptom of something that lies
much deeper. Ever heard of someone giving up smoking, and then gaining weight?
Or giving up sweet foods, and then feeling anxious or edgy?

I’m committed to it, and how about you?

The great news….
You’re not alone!
Awesome coaches are only a Phone call (or Skype call) away.

Worth it? Think about this:

How much money are you currently spending every week or month
to distract yourself from your buried emotions or problems.
(pain, sadness, hurt, or fear)

Which tools, methods, and strategies do I use?

Hypnosis, Hypno-Analysis, Neurology, NLP, EFT, Strategic Intervention,
Regression, Part-therapy, Time-line therapy, Mindscaping
along with my own intuition, and Real-Magic!
What? “Real Magic?” Yes! It’s something that has to be experienced.

Which method / Modality is best?

As you probably guessed…
With a name like “Hypnotist Jeff Bliss, it’s no secret that I love Hypnosis and Trance. I also appreciate that there are many effective tools for change and therefore incorporate several of them as needed.

For me, the modality is like paint and a brush.
Anyone can learn to use the tools, but few become artists.

It’s not the Brush, it’s the artistry of application.

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