Panic Attack or CALM Attack?

Jeff Bliss

May 17

Panic Attack?  

Sure, you've heard about those, or maybe even experienced them.

Calm Attack™️?

Ever had a Calm Attack?
I'm guessing maybe not, or at least not with any consistency.

Why is that?   firstly, I only came up the of a calm attack less than a year agp.
More importantly, is because, panic is what we learned.
Panic attacks, have been defined, and "definition is creation"  

Mayo Clinic defines Panic Attack as:

"A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers severe
physical reactions when there is no real danger or apparent cause.
Panic attacks can be very frightening. When panic attacks occur, you might
think you're losing control, having a heart attack or even dying."

Ok, if definition is creation, and I believe it is.
What if, we defined and thus created something new?
What if we created the opposite of panic?

Calm Attack,  AKA Relax Attack:

Jeff Bliss (that's me) defines "Calm Attacks" as:

A sudden uncontrollable feeling and overwhelming sense of calm, peace,
worthiness, comfort, and happiness.  Calm Attacks (Relax Attacks) can occur
with no apparent cause, even when there is no good to feel amazing.

Calm Attack symptoms may include, the feeling of being in a hot tub,
The feeling of lying in a hammock on a breezy tropical beach.
Extreme calm Calm Attacks may feel like your in a hammock suspended 
in a hot tub and the feeling of both simultaneously.

Don't laugh, this is serious.  My case studies suggest that almost 99% of the
population is likely to experience many Calm and Relax Attacks throughout 
their lifetime. Try not to be too concerned about having one. Try not to think
about having an uncontrollable lifting of your cheeks, and showing your teeth,
while trying not to laugh out loud, while drifting and floating in a cloud.

Can you imagine that?
Are you imagining that now? 
Oh Yeah!!! : )

About the author 

Jeff Bliss

Author of the soon to be released book
"Yodas, Rhinos, and Heroes",
Mindset Expert, Speaker, Hypnotist, Trainer, and Entertainer

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