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What's Mindscaping you ask?

Mindscaping is a therapeutic process created by Dr. Mike Mandel. It’s a type of guided visualization where you're able to explore your subconscious 3D mind map.

Your Mindscape the a place where your personal challenges can be navigated and re-shaped / re-scaped resulting in real life transformations.  What's re-scaped deep within your inner world affects your outer world.

Mindscaping is essentially journey through your subconscious terrain of metaphor and symbology.

When Mindscaping is lead by a skilled guide (normally a hypnotist) dramatic positive change happens quickly and easily.

Therapy online?

Yes! Although a Mindscape Session can be done in person, most sessions are conducted online via Zoom. Real change, Real Fast, and obviously super convenient as well.

What’s the Mindscaping Session process?

You sit back, relax, close your eyes, and follow the guidance of your Mindscape Coach. You’ll be asked to visualize things, to describe them, and to notice the changes as they occur. It’s a relaxing, fascination, enlightening, and enjoyable experience. The best part however is the amazing transformational results you’ll recognize immediately following your session. In many cases, your guide, Jeff Bliss, (That’s me!) will also utilize additional modalities (FasterEFT, NLP, Neurology, Hypnosis, Grapho-therapy, +++) just before, just after or as an alternate to mindscaping as needed.

How long is a typical Mindscaping session?

Although the mindscape portion varies from 20 to 45 minutes, your total session time will be 1-2 hours.  Always good to have some extra time before the beginning a mindscape to fully understand your needs and make adjustments as needed.

Who conducts a mindscape?

Your Mind-scaping session will be lead by Jeff Bliss.  A Hypnotist trained by the creator, Dr. Mike Mandel via his Neo-Erickson Hypnosis Academy.

Why would you chose to do Mindscaping?

Life has its challenges, and all of us sometimes feel… stuck in a rut, lacking motivation, self doubt, blocked, unsure, down, trapped, or held back. Mindscaping is an awesome process to help you unlock your blocks, open the doors, let go of the past, set your mind free, get back on track, and into flow. The mindscape process can be used for almost anything from fears, to traumas, to habits, to enhancing sports performance.
Price / Cost / Fee for a Mindscaping session?

Session Fee:  Varies from $145 to $245 (1-2 hours)
First time clients typically begin with a full 2 hour session.

Mindscaping with Jeff Bliss?

Why? Because everyone deserves a little Bliss in their life, including you, right? Mind-scaping is actually only “1” of the many tools I use. Hypnosis, NLP, Neurology, EFT Tapping, Guided Visualization, Intuition, REAL Magic, and most importantly… my artistry of blending and applying what’s needed just for you, in a way that’s pure Jeff, pure Bliss, all focused on YOU and your results.
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