Learn Self Hypnosis

My Story

I personally learn self-hypnosis in the early /mid 90’s using the tape series by Jose Silva entitled “The Silva Method of Mind Control”   I can still recall my frustration of trying (without success) to stay awake while listening.  Couldn’t do it!  Every time I would play the Silva recording,  I would wake up to Jose saying…  “Wide awake, and feeling better than before.  Better and better”    Obviously I was not sleeping. but instead in a deep trance with no recollection of anything he said beyond the initial relaxation portion of the recording. I LOVED those tapes!

Hypnosis or Meditation

If you’ve ever successfully quieted your mind with meditation, then you already know the feeling of hypnosis. Are they the same?  That’s debatable, but the results are at least similar. To me they feel the same. A deep state of relaxation, a quiet mind, and a sense of peacefulness.

Methods and Tools

There are an array of tools,  CD’s, DVD’s, Downloadable Mp3’s, Smartphone Apps, and books out there to help you to learn self hypnosis, in addition to the easiest method: Preprogrammed trigger. More on that below.

Apps, CD’s, Mp3’s

These 3 are essentially the same. They’re pre-recorded generic audios that guide you into a relaxed state.  Listening to them with your eye’s closed is a great way to practice quieting your chattering monkey brain.  Like most things, the more you practice, the easier it gets.

DVD’s or Videos.

These formats also give you something to focus your eyes on.  My preference is eye’s closed rather than open.

Custom Personalized Self-Hypnosis Recordings

Another option is to have a hypnotist create a personalized recording  just for you!  Although they cost a much more than generic ones, they’re also more effective for subconscious reprograming. The reason is that they use your name, your goals, and your keywords.


Downside of Generic Recording

The generic recordings mostly have a longish induction phase.
A typical 20 min self-hypnosis recording may have 10 or more minutes of relaxation words before the Programming words. (eating habits, exercise, confidence, etc).  Once you’ve practiced the state, you can get there fast, and there is no need for that initial 10 minutes.
Some people don’t mind it, and others despise it.

Preprogrammed trigger for
Instant Self-Hypnosis

This is my favorite to use for clients, and also for myself.  Imagine having the ability (installed mental program) to simply close your eyes, repeat a word 4 x and instantly “drop-in” to the desired state!
How about just snapping your own fingers and getting there instantly!  Instant Hypnosis???   YES!!!  : )


Hypnosis Trigger Installation:

Here lies the beauty of hiring a hypnotist to do it for you. The Hypnotist guides you into the proper state (hypnotizing you) and then installs mental program at the subconscious level that will automatically trigger a hypnotic state. This is a post hypnotic suggestion that is amazingly effective for inducing self-hypnosis. I use it myself!  Seriously,  I just decide I want to drop-in, snap my own fingers, and like magic, I’m there!  “Instant Self Hypnosis”

What’s next?

Explore!  Try out a self-hypnosis recording, or even better, contact a hypnotist for a free consult and discuss your situation and desired result.  Regardless of what it is,  procrastination, dropping bad habits, reducing stress, removing a fear, sadness, traumatic past, etc.   Whatever it is, hypnosis can likely help. Location is never an issue.
by phone, by skype, Connecting with a hypnotist is easy.


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