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Stress, Anxiety, Physical Pain, Emotional Pain, PTSD, Trauma, Fears, Phobias, Self Doubt, Smoking, Habits, Addictions, Confidence, Sports Performance

Whatever the feeling, issue, or challenge

Anxious, Anger, Pain, Panic, Fear, Self doubt, Sadness, Shame, Sleep, Guilt, Bad Habits,
Smoking, Stage Fright, Over-eating, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Motivation,
Traumatic Past, Sports Performance, Stuck, Stressed, Hurt, Down, Depressed,
or just a Mess!

If you’ve decided things must change…

and know they need to change now. 
You’re in the right place.  I’m here to help.

You’re Not broken. 
You’re going to be ok.  

Just like out-of-date software on a computer causing things to act strange,
wig-out, repeat, or lock-up,  the solution is normally a rebook, or a software update.
In this case, not software, but a “Mental update”.  My specialty.

Change is easier, and faster than you may think.

It’s not your fault. You simply need a mental update. I have the tools, the skills,
the experience, a proven track record, and most importantly,
you WILL get results.

Things happen for a reason and a purpose and they serves us.

Yes, even the not-so-good things hold lessons to take us to a higher level.

The Solution… 

A Mental Update with Your Mindset Expert, Jeff Bliss (that’s me)
“The man with the key, that unlocks your blocks, to set your mind-free!

“I contacted Jeff Bliss to help my daughter overcome an issue she has been
dealing with for 15 years. We have been to every type of professional and
specialist there is in the past. No one was ever able to help her.  After two
sessions with Jeff she is free of this problem. He is a miracle worker.
He is kind, caring, sensitive, and made her feel comfortable with him
immediately. I highly recommend him. He changed my daughter’s life
in just a few hours.”
Beth T.
Castaic, CA

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In-Person Sessions:  

Location:  Tempe, AZ
including the Greater Phoenix area: Mesa, Chandler,
Gilbert, Scottsdale

ONLINE Sessions:

Available via Zoom / Skype / FaceTime.

Mindset Expertise

Hypnosis, NLP, Faster EFT,  EMDR, Strategic Mindset Coaching, CounselingMindscaping,
Parts-Therapy, Tapas, Guided Visualization, Neurology, congruence,
intention, and intuition.

The real magic is NOT in the specific tool or strategy. It’s more about the artistry and mastery
in blending what’s needed (integration) based on You and Your needs.


Think about it.  Out of 1,000’s who hold the perfect paint and a brush,
what percent of them are able to create art?  And what percent of that
art affects people?   It’s the same with instructors, counselors, therapists,
and hypnotists.  Many have excellent tools, but very few are masters in
the artistry in application.

Glass-Walls and Mental-Loops

Just like the fly, banging it’s head on the window,
continuing over and over to get through,
we sometimes find ourselves stuck.
It’s a bit like a song looping in your head,
the same thought pattern continuously repeating.

Perspective and patterns

Often other people, looking in from another a different perspective can see
things that we can’t see ourselves.  A life coach is able to see things that you don’t.  
A hypnotist, (Think Hypnotic Therapist)  like the coach, can see the patterns and then
uses that knowledge to re-map, reset your thinking.

Therapist, Hypnotist, or Hypo-therapist?

Typically,  seeing a Therapist = weeks or months of talking about 
the problem.  Hypnotherapy typically = relaxed state and the hypnotist feeding
positive suggestions.  My personal style is a unique blending of “tools for change”
for rapid results.  

What’s next?

The next step is easy!  We’ll speak by phone (totally free) You’ll get a new
perspective from a master hypnotist and mindset-coach.  You’ll also have the
opportunity to ask questions, and learn more about unlocking your blocks.

Schedule Your FREE Consultation
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Yes, that’s correct, your consult is 100% FREE.
No strings, no push, no charge whatsoever.

“I believe in you
and I’m here to help”
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Jeff Bliss

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