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A small sampling of my youtube videos including…
Comedy Hypnosis Show Highlights,  
“Impromtu Street Hypnosis”
Jed-like “REAL-Magic”,
 and Hypnotic Therapy.
Because…   It’s ALL Mental!


“Jeff was the entertainment for our office Christmas party and delivered in an epic way. The experience was amazing!  Everyone at the party, about 200 of us, had an exceptional time! Not gonna lie, I was skeptical about hypnotism but now I know that it does indeed work! Jeff made our party the talk of the organization… we all had so much fun! And no worries, he didn’t make us do anything we regret or make us look like idiots! It was truly a blast. Thank you Jeff!”

Kala Laos
Co-Owner JK Realty

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Comedy Hypnosis Show Highlights

New Years Eve Hypnosis Show with the Deushane’s.

Truly grateful having shared new year with this wonderful family! Soooooo much fun!

When would, now, be the perfect time to book Jeff for your upcoming… House Party, Reception, Retreat, Graduation, Grad-night, Prom,  After Prom, or Corporate Event?

New Years was a hit with Jeff the Hypnotist.”

“We were able to get Jeff the Hypnotist for our New Years party this year and he delivered!  Everyone young and old were amazed with how he kept the crowd laughing. It’s going to be a tradition!”

– Mike Deushane,
Mapleton, UT

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This is… REAL Magic!


Do you believe in magic?  I do!

Not the magic of magicians, but rather “REAL” Jedi-like Magic!

Invisible connections, it’s the magic of You, of me, and the magic of We.

Really?   Yes really!  Watch it now and be amazed!

Hypnosis. How it Works. Jeff Explains

Ever wondered if Hypnosis was real or how it works?

In this video Jeff explains How and Why Hypnosis Works using the analogy of a movie and how you are “drawn in” to the experience.


Filipinas Love Hypnosis.
Viral Video, Over 5 Million Youtube Views!

Total Amnesia to Total Recall.  Watch Filipino college students Kris, Marlyn, Jaycel, Reyse, and Joerell, as they experience: Waking hypnosis, Trance, Amnesia plus positive suggestions for better memory, more happiness, love, and gratitude.  Watch her facial expressions as her memories return!.  Priceless! Worth watching from beginning to end when Enjoy!

NLP Headache Pain Relief Fast! < 3 minutes

Watch as Jeff combines NLP with Real Magic to make a headache vanish in under 3 minutes!  Can you imagine equal results with Traumatic memories? It’s Never to Late to Have a Happy Childhood. Rewire your past experiences from triggering emotional pain to empowerment with Jeff.   It’s time for a “Mental Update”. Free Consult 


“Jeff gave an amazing performance and really impressed our group! …”

– Karin Owen
Lake Havasu Resort, AZ

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