How-to Stop Your Panic Attacks in Their Tracks! Part 1

If / when you sense the symptoms of panic,
simply follow these quick steps below to stop it in its tracks.

This method works, and it works fast!  Far faster, and far more effective that all the other bla bla bla same old tired advice.

Step 1:  Rate it.

As soon as you notice your heart and mind racing, (or other anxious feelings), rate it on a scale of 0-10. 
0 = calm /or neutral
10= freaking out
Notice it, and mentally note your panic level. Is it a 7,8,9, other?

Step 2:  Apply Tool 

Apply 1 or more of the “MindsetBliss Tools”

  • Circus Eyes
  • Lip Laughing
  • Cross n’ Toss

Step 3: Re-Rate it

Just like you did in step 1 above.  After apply 1 or more of the tools,
take a moment and notice what’s different. Notice how much that feeling when down.  for most people, an 8 will drop down quickly.
What is it now?  a 4, 3, 2, 1, 0?
Repeat as needed. 

If you like these kind of short, highly effective tools for rapid change,
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– Jeff Bliss


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