High School Hypnotist for Grad-Night & After-Prom

High School Hypnotist for Assemblies, After-Prom, & Grad-Night

Clean Comedy Hypnosis Show. Hypnotist "Jeff Bliss" Delivers!

If you’re Searching for…

A Clean Comedy-Hypnotist to entertain your High School Students for Grad-Night, After-Prom, Post-Prom, Project Graduation, School Assembly, or Fundraising Event

This page is for YOU!

Before you book your show, here’s Everything you need to know:

Students being hypnotized on stage at Alliance High School's after-prom event in Nebraska
After-Prom 2016 at Alliance High School, NE "Hypnotized and Deep Asleep!

Jeff was Fantastic!  From the first time I contacted Jeff showed such professionalism I knew we had a winner!  He is amazing to work with and when we finally got to meet him, he came prepared to entertain our kids! He explained his act and also asked for input to make his show a hit with the kids. I would recommend Jeff for any show that would entertain a PAC center full of teenagers.  Our After Prom was a great success and Jeff helped make that happen. Thanks Jeff, You were amazing!!!”

– Susie Harden, After Prom Committee
Alliance High School, NE

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Cost / Fee
How Much to book your Hypnosis Show?

In the High School market (After-Prom, Post-Prom, Grad-night)
Hypnosis Show Fee…
Typical Range: $1,200 – $1,800. (for skilled entertainer)
Average: $1500  +/-

For most schools that’s works out to about $5 to $10. a student.
That’s less than price of a student movie ticket!

Additional Travel Costs?

Hotel room and/or  Travel fees are sometimes requested by the entertainer.   Just ask!

Local vs Out-of-State Hypnotists

Often times you may be surprised to find similar pricing for local and out of state hypnotists.

Your hypnotists reputation and popularity.
logistics: the time and distance between other scheduled shows.
Get a quote. 

Your City?,  Your State?

and YOUR  state?
Yes!  Can do!  Contact

TOTAL COST for YOUR High School?

Price varies depending on…
Your location,  group size,  audio gear needs,  show customization and logistics.
Request a Quote

Block Booking = Savings

Block booking is when you and other schools schedule their shows on consecutive days. Maybe your show on Friday, and their show on Saturday. It can be the day before, the day after, or possible even on the same night.

High School Show Block-Booking is a Win for everyone! Easy to do. You just contact the event person at other nearby schools about your planned event schedule, or simply refer them to Jeff.

Block-Booking Benefits:

  • Your school and their school both receive a generous discount
  • Both schools lock-in equally amazing entertainment
  • You get the huge thank you’s and praise from everyone for helping out your students, your school, and theirs!

Fundraiser Shows:

A Fundraiser event featuring “the Hypnosis, Mentalism, and Real-Magjc of Jeff Bliss” is a great way to go! Have your students buy tickets in advance and sell tickets to people in your local community. Prearrange a percentage split and Enjoy! Your Students and their parents with LOVE the show!

Grad night hypnosis show for the students of Brighton High School in Utah, class of 2016
Brighton HS 2016 Grad-Night Hypnosis Show, Utah


Hypnotists styles can be Very Different.

Recently received a funny message via YouTube. The guy wrote… “Jeff,  you don’t look like a hypnotist,
You’re Not fat, and you’re Not Bald!” … “but you are short, I’ll give you that!”

Whatever your preference for a Hypnotic Entertainer…

Old, young, high energy, mellow, ultra casual, stylish, male, female, or even hairy with heels.
They’re out there!


To ensure your entertainment will be a hit,
Check your Hypnotists Youtube Channel numbers.
A decent entertainer should have at least 2,000  Youtube Subscribers.  Anything less is a gamble.

Jeff’s Videos (this site)
Jeff’s Youtube Channel (over 5 million views)

Irate girl believes her belly button was stolen by the guy sitting next to her
"He stole my belly button! and I want it back! Right NOW!!"

Date Availability:

High School Prom and Grad-night season, (March through June) are some of the busiest months of the year.

When would Now be the perfect time to
book Your Hypnotist Jeff Bliss
Contact > Quote > Questions/Answers > Deposit /Confirm

For Shows beginning after 11:00 PM…

Be sure to communicate both dates!
your events Starting date
and Ending Date.
The wee hours,  say  2:00 am a single Calendar date can be confusing.
Some refer to it as Saturday night late,
While others refer to it as early Sunday morning.
Just to be safe…  Clearly communicate BOTH the beginning
and ending dates.

Friday into Saturday”   April 20th – April 21st.
Saturday into Sunday.  April 21st – April 22nd.

Hypnosis Show Duration:

Although 60 minutes is common, the length can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Most Hypnotists are happy to do 45 min, 60 min, or 75 min shows.   Some do 90 min shows,  75 minutes about is about Perfect.
Longer time slot?

Ask your Hypnotist about options about
pre-, or  post-show “Strolling” entertainment.

Format Options:  

  • Stage Show
  • Strolling / Close-up

Stage Show 

*Defined Show-Time
*Audience Seated
*Before or After Dinner (Never during)
*Ideally the show should be separate from other activities.

It’s super important that your students/ guests are seated before the show begins because the initial introduction and monologue is critical to the success of the show.  (Just like a movie,  your students will want to be there and seated right from the start,  The “opening”  is important for maximum enjoyment)

Strolling / Roving /Close-up

Also known as:  Roving, Close-up, Table-Side
Depending on the entertainers skill, this can be
Hypnosis, Traditional Magic, Real-Magic, or Mentalism

A looser format. Unlike a show format, you can have more relaxed start-time and end time. Figure 2 hours for the strolling format.
Similar to a strolling magician but with Hypnotic phenomena and  “Real”Magic.

Extended Entertainment?

Yes!   Can do!
60 minute Show
 30-60 minutes of pre-show or post-show strolling.
Ask about it.

CLEAN, SAFE, and Appropriate for High School Students?


Squeaky Clean! 
Clean enough to be performed inside a church.

Students of Hillcrest High school during a hypnosis show LDS church in Sandy, UT.
Hypnosis Show Clean enough to be held inside this LDS Church, Sandy UT


Average hypnotists and average shows.. Just say No.

For Truly Unique Entertainment…  Jeff’s your man!

As a Master of Stage, Strolling, and Street Hypnosis,
Jeff Bliss uniquely blends Hypnosis, Mentalism with “REAL-Magic” 
in a way that’s Pure Jeff,  and Pure Bliss!

Jeff demonstrating real magic moving limbs with no strings during an after-prom show
After-Prom Entertainment, "REAL Magic" with Hypnotist Jeff Bliss. Alliance, NE


Not the magic, of a magician,
but rather something very real, profound, and magical!

I call it “REAL Magic”  because it is!

Just Imagine….

crazy things happening “as if” controlled by invisible ropes.
Arms floating and fingers moving on their own.
An invisible jedi /chi like force.
All done with eyes open and No hypnotic induction!

Sounds crazy?   It is!  Crazy Fun for Everyone!


Working with Jeff is always super easy!   Just call, (801) 999-0624,  we’ll chat,  and if you’re lucky,  …and I sense that you are. : ) we’ll soon have Your Show date and time confirmed on the Calendar.  Questions?  Great!   : )   Write them down and let’s chat.  contact

Customization / Preferences / Requests

It’s all about You!!!

Your School, Your Students, Your Friends, and Your Event!

Have a theme that you would like incorporated into a show routine?
Would you prefer a stage show with a fixed start time,  or strolling entertainment, or a combination of the two?

Would you prefer 90% Hypnotic silliness,  or would you prefer a blend of Fun, Fascination, and Inspiration with powerful take home lessons?

Whatever your preferences,  whatever your needs…  it’s all about you!

“Jeff did a fabulous show for our graduating class. He captured the audiences attention and held it for the duration of the show. The seniors were dying over the things he did, yet it was always appropriate and in good fun. We would highly recommend him.”

-Krista El-Bakri, Grad-Night
Brighton High School, Utah

more reviews


Technical & Room Set-up Needs:

Easy!   Your school likely already has everything needed on hand, and if not,
your Hypnotist can supply it.

It’s all good!

An Auditorium, fully equipped Stage and Sound System?    Great!

Gymnasium, no stage, and no Sound system…   No problem!
Your Hypnotist can bring their own portable sound system.

Basic requirements are minimal:  (provided by the host/venue)

  • Chairs:  6,8,12,16,20, 24  (Ask your Hypnotist how many they prefer)
  • Table (4-6 ft long)  used for Tablet, Props, Camera, Mixer, water, misc.
  • Power outlet
  • Enthusiastic Audience

Audio Equipment:
(can be provided by the Hypnotist or Host/venue)

  • Microphone(s)  Should be Wireless (with fresh batteries)
  • Microphone stand
  • Mixer (Sound board)
  • Powered-Speakers (+ stage monitor-speaker for large venues)

Jeff can plug into your house system or bring his own
Professional Sennheiser /Bose System.
Whatever the location and situation…  No worries,  we’ll make it work!
Together, we’ll review the list, check it twice, and get it done right!


My Promises:

  • To be super Easy to work with.
  • To Provide Unique, Mind-Blowing Entertainment and value,
  • To leave you, your friends, and students “Better than I found you!

5 Star Reviews!

The 5-Star Outstanding Reviews keep rolling in, and for good reason!
Hypnotist Jeff Bliss Delivers!

Hypnotized High School Students sleeping on stage during after prom hypnosis show
Hypnotized and Deep Deep A-Sleep!


Jeff carries Event insurance with the N.A.M.E.  
“National Association of Mobile Entertainers”


Your Hypnotist Jeff Bliss is available for all types of events.

  • Corporate Meetings,
  • Private Parties,
  • Orientations,
  • Celebrations,
  • Receptions,
  • Demonstrations,
  • Fundraisers,
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Corporate Presentations

The Next Step…

Contact Jeff now via phone or email
to Secure your event date and
Get set for a mind-blowing Experience!


Book Jeff Bliss for Your Upcoming Campus Event

Request a Quote

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