Chronic Pain?

That's about to change! 

Fibromyalgia? Past Accident? Old Injury? Arthritis?

Phantom limb pain? Emotional Pain? Something else?

Whatever the cause…

It’s time to be free of that pain.

My life has been changed thanks to jeff. I have dealt with uncureable chronic pain from a lower fused back. I have tried it all, and learned to live with it. For almost 13 years I have walked like frankenstein, struggled to balance the few hours a day of play before pain forces me to lay down. It was hard to be positive, hard to be truly happy. 20 minutes with jeff and my chronic pain is gone! I don’t know how to truly describe it, I lived my whole 20’s feeling 80 years old and now i feel my age. My brain isnt feeling the constant throb in my lower back, hips or nerve ending pains. I struggled with creativity because of the pain. I was standing straight, walking normal and just felt light and coordinated. I am standing on my feet correctly and my whole body feels back on balance. I can’t stop crying, smiling and just being amazed. I have done a full work shift and didn’t need to take time take a single laying down break. I find my mind open and focused now. Continually of habit, looking for pain and is not there. I look forward to my brain moving on and using is energy for other things than pain management. My life is forever changed and I am so grateful to move forward with life and live it more fully again!”

Millie Wallace
Draper, UT

“I’m so excited to share my experience with everyone.  For the past 8 years, I’ve had the worse burning sensation in my toes. I’ve lived with this pain, suffered through the night with this pain for many, many years.  I met Jeff about a year ago, and I mentioned my feet to him. It took me several months to get the courage to have a session with Jeff.  Wow – within 30 minutes of my session the burning feeling had left me.  I slept through the night and continuing to sleep through the night.

If you have anything that is bothering you, please trust me and call Jeff.  I have never had any experience with a Hypnotist until Jeff entered my life (this was a blessing for me).  I highly recommend Jeff!!!”

Wanda B.

“Wow, that’s about the best words I can use … Wow.. Jeff is an amazing guy with a talent to make anyone smile and see the positivity in things. After my short session with him 2 days ago, he helped me turn off the pain .. My pains went from my main focus to the last thing on my mind. I’ve been sleeping better the last few nights now, and feel a lot lighter. Like a burden has been lifted off me. I’m able to enjoy things a little better since my mind is focused on the positive of healing.  If your thinking about doing it,and you have a positive mind set and are open, it is well worth your time and money. Nothing to lose but the pain in my case, and it worked.  Thanks again Jeff”

Billy Purden
Salt Lake City, Utah

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