The Best Stage & Street Hypnosis Trainers


Learning Online vs Live?

Without a doubt, hands-on live training is the best way to learn how to hypnotize.  I've spent years studying Hypnosis in every format available.  Books, audios, free videos, paid online courses, and live.
Training live is a thousand times better if you can do it.   The other formats are helpful to reinforce your studies, but nothing beats live.

The more the more.

In my personal experience, the more you train with a variety of trainers, the more you'll learn.  Each trainer has their unique style of performing as well as instructing.

The Worlds fastest Hypnotist?

There must be at least 10 different hypnotists that call themselves "the fastest"   : )) Actually, the fastest I've seen, "Mr.P"  doesn't even claim a title.   In all seriousness,  being 1 second faster than the next person is not going to win you any awards.

Who's the Best Hypnotist?

That's a bit like asking... who's the best singer or band?
If you want a better answer,  ask a better question. : )

Below is my list.  These are the people I've personally had the opportunity and honor to train with, LIVE!

Carlos Pruitt  aka  "Mr.P"
Kileen, Texas, USA
Master Street Hypnotist.
Mr P. rocks the street with his uniquely fun and charismatic style.
No doubt, Mr.P, is one of the best street-hypnotists on the planet.
Training with the best is not cheap, but it's more than worth the investment. Of all of the people I've trained with, Mr. P is the one that keeps in touch the most and is always genuinely interested in seeing his students to continue developing their skills.   The value received from his training continues.  Mr.P taught me a lot, and is now like family. Truly, a wonderful caring person.

Luis Zevallos (Lima, Peru)
Luis is both a Hypnotist and Mentalist.
You'll immediately sense that his wisdom is far beyond his years.
There is something very mystical and magical about this guy.
The same can be said about his mom.  To me they both carry the aura of a shaman.  Luis is awesome.  If you get the chance to meet his, or even better to train with him,  do it!


Anthony Jacquin


Mark Cunningham
The Renegade Hypnotist.  Best known for his training on "conditioning with pleasure".   I only attended Marks "Hypnotic Mastery" live class in Orlando and learned far more than anticipated. The class was unique in that Mark would look for your weak points and then expose them!   The initial feeling was like having just been thrown into the fire.   The result was an immediate realization that you can do far more than you previously believed. Afterwards, I felt compelled to take on bigger challenges.  Just days after Marks Mastery class,  I decided to do something that I had previously thought I would likely never do, Stand-up Comedy!  Just the thought of it, scared the poop out of me.  I had no desire to do stand-up, but I did have a desire to push my personal boundaries.  I took the leap, enrolled in a stand-up class, and soon after,  was up on stage in-front of 200+ people at a comedy club in Sarasota, FL.  Marks class got me there, which soon lead me to doing Comedy Hypnosis Shows in-front of 300+  people!  Mark is an outstanding instructor.  I recall his words as being something like.... "If it scares you...  jump into the fire, let it burn, and walk out a better person".  Obviously, the words you "hear" mark say at a conscious level during class are in addition to all of the training he's delivering at a subconscious level. If you want to remain the where your are in life, skip his class. If , on the other hand, you want to radically expand your current boundaries, then Mark Cunningham is highly recommended!

Marc Savard
Las Vegas Nevada Headliner and the guy that Everyone likes.
Quick witted, funny, and a highly regarded Trainer for Stage-Hypnosis. The next time you're in Vegas, be sure to catch his show at the "V-Theater" inside Planet Hollywood.
I competed 2 of Marc Courses (Stage Hypnosis level 1 and level 2). Each was 4 days long. Marc is super detail orientated.  Everything about his show and his training is highly structured.  It was amazing to learn from him during the day and then go watch his live show in the evening and to discuss the details the following morning.  Even after watching him perform live at least 7 times, I never got tired of it. There are soooooo many tiny details that you would never pick-up on as an audience member,  Every word, every gesture has meaning. His show is a work of art.  In short, I think Marc is amazing and beleive you'll feel the same.

Justin Tranz
Las Vegas, Nevada.
Justin has a crazy long list of accomplishments.  Years headlining Vegas,  Performing on Broadway,  Playboy channel,  and several other TV spots to numerous for this page.  One word for Justin..  Power! He's seems bigger than life. The guy is like a Super Hero right out of the movies.  Yes, he is contraversial. Yes, he can be harsh when he speaks about other trainers, and YES he's good!  He's a master of his craft.  Justin was the 1st Hypnotist to successfully hypnotically lock my eye's shut.  I'll never forget the experience.  It happened quick!  I was sure that I wasn't hypnotized, and yet, I absolutely could not open my eyes not matter how hard I tried.   And I tried hard!  I remember attempting to open my eyes with the same effort I exert when deadlifting 2x my body weight at the gym.  I was determined, but no match for Justin and power of hypnosis. Justins ideas and style of stage hypnosis are unique. Some people hate him, and other love him, which means that he's doing something right!.

Joanna Cameron (AKA The Trance Lady).
Virginia, USA Although I have not yet had the opportunity to train with Joanna, she's still high on my list. It's obvious when reading her work, or watching her in action that she get's it!   Joanna is obvious far more than someone teaching a skill set.  It's easy to see, even on video that she loves people and loves her craft.  I look forward to training with her live in the future.

There are many others who I'm sure I'll be writing about in the future. Wait,  almost forgot, it's possible that you could even train with me. I'm not making any promises, but it's possible and will leave it at   if you like what you see,  contact me.


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