About Jeff

About Jeff

Mindset Expert, Corporate Hypnotist,
Coach, Trainer, & Entertainer


How did I get here?


The year was 1989, 
I was living in the Dominican Republic working as a windsurfing instructor.

All was good until…
A saw a teenager complete a maneuver on the water, the “forward loop” that I just had to learn!
Having over multiple years of experience and advanced windsurfing skills, I knew I could learn it quickly.

Skill, I soon discovered, was no match for paralyzing fear. 
Has that every happened to you?
You knew what to do, you knew you could do it, and yet, your body just froze?

For me, that fear haunted me for 7 long years.
Years of repeated tries, repeated fails, tears, and even walking away from the sport due to self shame.

Studying everything I could find on the topic of fear, and sports psychology, I stumbled upon the study of self hypnosis. 

In the summer of 1996,  I walked away from a thriving personal training business, traveling cross country to Hood River, OR, to once again . face my deepest fear.  It’s took some weeks,

and then it happened,

I looked fear in the face, and this time, this time, I prevailed. 

In those few seconds, my life as I knew it was forever changed.  It was never about a specific maneuver, the actual risk was small, it was about facing an inner demon. 

From that moment, I knew in my heart, that I would now be able to see through fears grand illusion. 

The hero of the story?

is the same hero we all have access to,  it’s your guide on the inside.  It’s that quiet Yoda like voice of saying “you can”,  “I believe in you”.   Although I don’t know for sure whether it’s the voice of god, a guardian angel, the universe, or something else,  I do know that you also have that wise Yoda like voice. 
You (and I)  unfortunately also have a “Dodo voice”. 

you always have a choice, of which voice, you choose to listen to.   
Choose wisely, your life depends on it. 

My Mission

To lead by example,

To be constantly learning, growing, and sharing

To blow mind and transform lives as a Mindset Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Entertainer.

To re-connect people to the Real Magic that surrounds us all.

and to always leave people better than I found them.

An Amazing Journey
It’s been an amazing journey and getting more fascinating by the day. 

I’ve been an instructor and coach for decades. Fitness Trainer, Windsurfing Instructor, Windsurfing instructor-Trainer, Kiteboarding Instructor,  Paragliding Tandem Pilot, Hypnotist, Entertainer,
Transformational Speaker, and Mindset Coach.

My pattern over the years has remained much the same.  
See it > learn it > Experience it > teach it

Thanks to sports and an online business,
I’ve had the opportunity to live in Cancun, Mexico; Maui, Hawaii, Aruba,
Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, and all over the US.

And YOU?

What do YOU really want?
Can you imagine it!?
Are you imagining it now?
Are you doing the work?
Logging in the hours?
If yes,  congratulations, you’re creating real-magic!

It’s be said that who we are, is the sum of our experiences,  beliefs, values, and perceptions.

Maybe a better way to say it:  you become who you decide you want to be,
and the images you hold in your mind.

I believe that you and I are limitless, even though sometimes it feels like our obstacles are real.

What would happen if you chose to pretend and imagine, to believe,
that those obstacles in your lives are just illusions, and then boldly stepped forward.
Taking that 1st step.

What would happen if you chose to look at things from a completely new perspective? 
What would have if you chose to imagine, and then re-imagine it differently?

I think the best word to describe it is: “Imagineering”. It’s the process that creates “REAL-Magic” 
Not the magic of the magician, but rather the magic that lies within you, within me, within us.

Whether it’s via Corporate Speaking, Personal coaching, or entertaining.
I sincerely love learning, growing, sharing. and look forward to sharing with you.

– Jeff Bliss   
Mindset with a Twist™

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