You Can Be Free of the Emotional Pain,
Trauma, Anger, Guilt, or Shame, 

Without Years of Therapy.

When you're committed to change...

 I'm Jeff

Master Hypnotist & Mindset Coach,

on a Mission, to Help You, to Unlock Your Blocks,

to Set Your Mind Free from Emotional Pain,

Without Months or Years in Therapy.

From the trauma of my father's suicide as a teen, to later dealing with a paralyzing fear that haunted me for over 7 years...

When it comes to emotional pain and fear, I get it and know you're going to be ok!

It was those experiences that led me to take a dive deep into understanding the subconscious mind, and to ultimately to create... 

"The MindsetBliss Method for Rapid Change"

What took me years to decode, I can help you to achieve in mere hours.  If you're ready, and more importantly committed to break free of your past. You will succeed. I believe in you!

"It Was Like 10 Years of Therapy in 1 Session" - Josh
15 Year Issue, Gone in Hours

"I contacted Jeff to help my daughter overcome an issue she has been dealing with for 15 years. We have been to every type of professional and specialist there is. No one was ever able to help her. After two sessions with Jeff, she is free of this problem. He's a miracle worker. He is kind, caring, sensitive, and made her feel comfortable with him immediately. I highly recommend him. He changed my daughter’s life in just a few hours."


PTSD Resolved in One Session

"I have tried many many avenues for years to get better with PTSD while some worked momentarily. Jeff's talents with hypnotherapy removed one my biggest roots in only ONE session. I am deeply grateful!!!! I can focus now and want to accomplish tasks. I am so grateful to have him in my life. He is very in tune with his craft and knows how to get real results. He loves to help, and you matter to him. He is a special man with a big heart. I recommend him any day.    Sophie

Jeff Bliss

If you have a block, trauma, or emotional pain,

If you're feeling stuck, anxious, stressed, or just a mess,

and committed to get back on track, you will!

Transforming lives utilizing...
"The MindsetBliss Method for Rapid Change."
(A proprietary blend of therapy & mindset coaching)

Actionable tools for working together to help you re-wire your brain.

More beneficial than years of therapy

"I came to Jeff feeling like it was my last bit of hope. I felt desperate, grasping at any and all alternatives for a cure. After many of other classes, programs, people, trying to do hypnosis and failing, and even counseling sessions where I have been told "I don't think I can help you" I was feeling hopeless, however desperate for change. After a long 10 years of this struggle I came to Jeff with the mind set of... well even if I only get the smallest benefit out of it, it's more than what I have now!  Jeff far surpassed my expectations. After 2 sessions with Jeff, I let go of my bad habit that has been destroying my life for years. 1 session with Jeff was more beneficial than all the years I have done combined with any other treatment options out there! Now I feel like I can leave old habits in the dust and move forward to the life I have truly Always wanted. Thank you Jeff!"

Carol C.
Mesa, AZ

Elevator Phobia Vanished in One Session.

“I had an overwhelming fear of elevators.
After one short session with Jeff,  my 10 years of anxieties and fears have vanished!
I'm now taking elevators with ease.
Thank you Jeff!!”

Korrina Onstad

It's time...
To Let go of Your Past,
Create a Compelling Future,

So you can...

Enjoy a life of Success
& Happiness