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BethCastaic, CA
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I contacted Jeff to help my daughter overcome an issue she has been dealing with for 15 years. We have been to every type of professional and specialist there. No one was ever able to help her. After two sessions with Jeff she is free of this problem. He is a miracle worker. He is kind, caring, sensitive, and made her feel comfortable with him immediately. I highly recommend him. He changed my daughter’s life in just a few hours.
Amy Long
Amy Long
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"Nothing like seeing your CEO become convinced his bellybutton has been stolen to put everyone in high spirits!"
Korrina Onstad
Korrina Onstad
Phoenix, AZ
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“I had an overwhelming fear of elevators. After one short session with Jeff, my 10 years of anxieties and fears have vanished! I'm now taking elevators with ease. Thank you!!”
Shane Wilson
Shane Wilson
Meditation Learning Center
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“From magic to education, everyone was blown away!"
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